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Heather Rose Jones hrjones at uclink.berkeley.edu
Fri Sep 19 18:18:28 PDT 1997

On Fri, 19 Sep 1997, Joshua Badgley wrote:

> > 1. discussing heraldry
> Speaking of heraldry in bardic circles, I heard that someone actually did
> come up with a heraldic song (something about the device he had in a
> dream)  Does anyone know of this song? 

That would be Baldwin of Erebor's "The Herald's Complaint".

> (According to the story I heard,
> this particular songsmith promptly found themselves with a device
> *exactly* as described within the song...don't go giving heralds bad
> ideas, history has proven that it can be just as bad as giving them to
> minstrels)

Well, in this case the songwriter was also a herald. There's a strong
streak of irony in having the thing registered at him ("at" used
advisedly) since one of the themes of the song was poking fun at heralds
who criticize other people's heraldic style while registering abominations
for themselves. On the other hand, the banner of the design in question
that his mother _embroidered_ for him is truely something to see!

Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn

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