minstrel: Re: minstrel-digest V1 #371

Joshua Badgley fsjlb4 at aurora.alaska.edu
Fri Sep 19 17:57:28 PDT 1997

> 1. discussing heraldry

Speaking of heraldry in bardic circles, I heard that someone actually did
come up with a heraldic song (something about the device he had in a
dream)  Does anyone know of this song?  (According to the story I heard,
this particular songsmith promptly found themselves with a device
*exactly* as described within the song...don't go giving heralds bad
ideas, history has proven that it can be just as bad as giving them to

Also, I am looking for any non-Period SCAdian songs to anything to disco
music?  A comment recently arose at an event here that a particular person
would want to hear anything *but* disco songs, of course setting several
of the listeners to thinking about just that.

Also (I know I'm really asking for it now) could I possibly get a hold of
a copy of Beowabbit as well?

Logan, probably making the worst decision in his life and loving it.

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