minstrel: Beowabbit? Oh, all right...

Robin Hayes rhayes at powerup.com.au
Sat Sep 20 13:49:56 PDT 1997

At 17:07 19/09/97 -0500, Aaron Bilodeau wrote:
<Snip of another one of the substantial "me too please" posts>
>You know, since nobody has actually volunteered to send this we'll either
>all get nothing, or we'll all get multiple versions of the bloody thing
>from everybody who secretly volunteers.

Ah well, looks like in the interests of net efficiency, if any body gets
it, that the best thing will be to have it posted here... Those few who
really don't want it will just have to shut their eyes and grind their
teeth while reading it I suppose... :-)

>Of course, I also have a feeling that this particular ballad is about to
>see a resurgence in performance frequency around the Knowne World.

Oh no. Everybody promised not to...

>I also predict an increase in the number of violent deaths of bards in the
>coming year.

Coming soon! 
New Service for Bards! 
Bodyguards for Hire!

Damn! I've lost that bulk email form letter now...


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