minstrel: Bardic Circular

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Fri Sep 19 14:26:44 PDT 1997


Received a copy of a publication yesterday, called the "Bardic Circular".
I left it at home by mistake, but I meant to bring it to work today.  I
need to contact the publisher of this newsletter.  There was a piece in it
that was unattributed.  I can give the publication information for the
item, and I also need to mention a few things otherwise.  If anyone has the
email address for the person in question, or if he's on here, please
contact me ASAP.  I will try to find the newsletter tonight at home, but it
might have been done away with already.  We're doing some major
housecleaning (Fall/Winter preparations) and anything not tied down tends
to be blown away.

I will not be at this account again until Monday, but can be reached over
the weekend at the following address;

wwill at intrnet.net

I check it once or twice a day over the weekends.  This may be of some
importance to the person involved, so please get him in contact with me.



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