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Robin Hayes rhayes at powerup.com.au
Sat Sep 20 03:27:21 PDT 1997

At 19:07 19/09/97 +1000, Paul Sleigh/Eric wrote:
>OK, I fed the name into a good Australian search engine,
<Snip of long saga probably as good as th alleged fabled saga of Beowabbit>
>Sorry, folks - looks like Beowabbit is one of the half a dozen things in
>the world NOT on the Web.  If someone has an electronic copy, maybe they'll
>offer to mail it around, but I think I can state categorically that it's
>not on any publicly-known web page in the world.

Well, If some one gives it to me, and I have permission to do so, i will
add it to the Fooles Archives on the Web.... may take a few days to get up,
at which time i will let you all know so the feeding frenzy can begin...

[Lady TangylWyt] I think such Classics should be preserved!
[Battel] No more junk Please!

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