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>Only $6 Away From Freedom!!!
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Gather ye pigeons while ye may.
(or The "*S*ome *P*retty *A*wful *M*instrelsy" Song)

Come gather all ye minstrels,
And listen to my tale.
How to amass wealth boundless
I care not if ye wail!

First gather ye some pigeons,
Ten thousand, maybe more.
And when they doth return to thee,
Then tally up the score.

Then send thee out thy pigeons,
All out across the land.
And when they doth return to thee,
Then reach out thy hand.


And to each pigeon's leg
Attach the following note.
That every soul who doth read this,
Shall copy what thou wrote.


A hundred pigeons thou must send 
To the writer of this note.
A hundred copies thou must do,
Exactly as it's wrote.


Then remove the senders name 
>From the top of this note.
Place thy name thereon
And then sit back and gloat.


Instrumental Break.


Oh surely tis a wondrous sight
To see on every hand
The growing throng of pigeons
Flock throughout the land


And now my song it be all done.
It matters not to me.
For I will dine on pigeon pie
And if thou be smart, so will thee.


Not all pigeons that may be clipped
Verily hath wings.
And so on his merry way
The wealthy minstrel sings.


Copyright 1997 Robin Hayes
aka Robin the Ruthless in Battel
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