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At 21:41 18/09/97 -0500, Rex Deaver wrote:
>>Eg, a big length to dia ratio gives greater ratios of higher overtones -
>>you will note that tabor pipes always have a high length to dia ratio,
>>since the tabor pipe is not played in the first position, but in 2nd, 3rd,
>>4th and higher if you are good, and it's a good pipe, overtones, like a
>Robin, I am very much interested in finding out more about these big fipple
>flutes.  My favorite doodling instrument is a Generation "G" ( mostly
>because of its size ) that and a "C" constitute my entire "pennywhistle
>ensemble".   I have often wished I could get a less obtrusively modern
>looking set but at the prices I have seen even one is out of the question
>let alone a "set":):)
>However, if I could get into one with better sound as well...that would be
>kewl.  Even if I had to get plans and get a friend with a shop to make them
>for me.  If you can point me to some source, preferably web sources, but
>also catalogs or reference materials, I would be most greatful.  Thanks.
I've got about 40 or so...

Check out Lark in the Morning. Can't find exact address for homepage, but
gets in to the site.

Prowl the wind instruments to get a feel for what you can buy... pics too

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