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At 7:07 PM 9/19/97, Paul Sleigh/Eric wrote:
>OK, I fed the name into a good Australian search engine,
><www.anzwers.com.au>, and got this reference, in what is apparently a
>history of the very early SCA, at


Good gentles, I can at the least tell you what the source of that quote is.

I am a member - and former provost - of the Borough of Felding in the
Barony of Carolingia, Kingdom of the East. Carolingia being a place which
is much populated by students, we have a rather different mechanism for
student organisations than many places. Boroughs may form at any college or
university in the area, with very minimal representation, and with the
agreement of the Baronial Great Council.

Felding, the Borough of what is mundanely Wellesley College is, I believe,
the oldest borough in the Barony.

More than that, we have the privilage of having been the first site of an
SCA event in the Boston area, long before the Barony existed, way back in

Felding is in its 20th year as an official student group this year.

The quote that the good gentle found is from the Felding History, a
document principally put together by a few ladies of Felding in 1990. It
has since been added to by others, but it is to the best of our knowledge a
rather rare document, emcompassing as it does a number of stories -
apocryphal and not - about the early days of the Society in the area.

I just thought that some of you might, perhaps, enjoy the clarification of
the document.

Cecilia Peters, once Provost, from the Borough of Felding

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