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Paul Sleigh/Eric fruitbat at macquarie.matra.com.au
Fri Sep 19 02:07:08 PDT 1997

OK, I fed the name into a good Australian search engine,
<www.anzwers.com.au>, and got this reference, in what is apparently a
history of the very early SCA, at

Then Daniel de Tankard, in his last service as Master of Carolingia's
minstrels and players, led us in fine songs, particularly new verses of
"The Pope, He Leads a Glorious Life", describing notables of the Kingdom
and the Barony. Duke Cariadoc encountered Eugenie de Bruges in another
brilliant exchange of puns; and he, recalling her discovery of a heretofore
unknown Chaucerian text, the Krummhorn fragment, read to the company
another poem: The Saga of Beowabbit, as written by Foulgut, Dux belli of
the Maryland Militia, as true a tale as ever told of heroes and good
rulers, and merrier than most.

     Of Beowabbit well-beloved
     Meadhall dweller, long-sworded,
     Cariadoc, Duke, well-meaded,
     Told long-winded glorious saga;
     True barbarians, fierce, well-meaning,
     Broke up Meadhall, then and now. 

So we know who wrote it, now, and we have the first half-dozen lines.  Alta
Vista <www.altavista.com> found only that entry as well, as did Excite and
Yahoo.  The venerable (and probably long-dead) WebCrawler, ancestor of them
all, found nothing.

InfoSeek and Lycos turned up two extra references, both of them containing
the same information: a list of Rialto articles on pastries and subtleties,
which mentioned in passing:

     40:  Sweet  pastry to be  served hot  is standard. For  cold just
remember the bottom crust should be a little  heavier  than usual  so  the
liquid doesn't soak through while  it  waits  for Beowabbit  to be
recited...(You only wait a cold sweet; you  only wait a cold ANYTHING. Hot
things HOT.)

OK, one other chance.  A long-nosed bandicoot of my acquaintance told me
about a search engine called SavvySearch, which basically runs searches on
a bunch of other engines and gives you the results in one go.  I tried it.
It didn't seem to know any more than all the others, however.

Sorry, folks - looks like Beowabbit is one of the half a dozen things in
the world NOT on the Web.  If someone has an electronic copy, maybe they'll
offer to mail it around, but I think I can state categorically that it's
not on any publicly-known web page in the world.

: Fruitbat, Computer Guru but Net.Novice :

- - Fruitbat - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So, in addition to being a greedy, satanic terrorist, I am
also destroying the morals of a generation of school
children.  In cartooning terms, that's called a home run.  It
will be hard to improve on that next month.
                         -- Scott Adams, _Dilbert_ cartoonist


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