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Rex Deaver rdeaver at swbell.net
Thu Sep 18 19:41:19 PDT 1997

>Eg, a big length to dia ratio gives greater ratios of higher overtones -
>you will note that tabor pipes always have a high length to dia ratio,
>since the tabor pipe is not played in the first position, but in 2nd, 3rd,
>4th and higher if you are good, and it's a good pipe, overtones, like a

Robin, I am very much interested in finding out more about these big fipple
flutes.  My favorite doodling instrument is a Generation "G" ( mostly
because of its size ) that and a "C" constitute my entire "pennywhistle
ensemble".   I have often wished I could get a less obtrusively modern
looking set but at the prices I have seen even one is out of the question
let alone a "set":):)

However, if I could get into one with better sound as well...that would be
kewl.  Even if I had to get plans and get a friend with a shop to make them
for me.  If you can point me to some source, preferably web sources, but
also catalogs or reference materials, I would be most greatful.  Thanks.


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