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On Thu, 18 Sep 1997, Greg Lindahl wrote:

> > 		God help me, but when I actually get around to learning
> > the sackbut, I hope these "purists" don't stone me for playing a trombone
> > when I haven't been able to hack it the the "hackbut."
> I don't think they will. At Pennsic, Loud Band rarely has sackbuts,
> but frequently has trombones with the personas of sackbuts...
> Rude people aren't that common in the SCA, they're just memorable when
> you do run into them. There's no sense in spending lots of time either
> worrying about them or talking about it here.
> -- g
		Meistara Thorhalla and I were discussing that just last
night; "manners" are essential to "Peer-like qualities," yet it seems
sometimes that so many people are clueless about the whole subject.
		It also doesn't help the matter when others interpret what
they hear in a hostile light; I myself have been guilty of assuming
hostile intent on people's part where none was intended.

		We all learn from ducks with water rolling off their
backs; I've learned from both my Peers that a kind response to a rude
remark can take the fire right out of a situation.

		It's great to be authentic.
		It's greater to temper authenticity with reality.
		-Faremanne de Vere

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