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Thu Sep 18 09:33:50 PDT 1997

On Thu, 18 Sep 1997, Corrie Bergeron wrote:

> At 05:37 PM 9/17/97 -0400, Greg Lindahl wrote:
> >>  I was merely warning the original poster that if he
> >> chose to play a guitar, that some purists would drop on him like a ton of
> >> bricks for being "unperiod."
> >
> >I know many good performers who do authentic stuff and don't act like
> >that; perhaps you should just call these particular ones "rude people"
> >instead of "purists".
> >
> >-- gb
> >
> Ahh, well said!  I meant "purist" as a deliberately derogatory term, along
> the lines if "Mistress Lauel Seamchecker."  I discriminate between those
> commendable folk who perform only documentably authentic material and those
> irritating persons who insist (usually vociferously) that everyone else do
> so as well.  If the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it.
> Corrie / Brendan

		God help me, but when I actually get around to learning
the sackbut, I hope these "purists" don't stone me for playing a trombone
when I haven't been able to hack it the the "hackbut."

		-Faremanne de Vere

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