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On Wed, 17 Sep 1997, Liz Herman/cozit wrote:

> Ok, I've been reading this list for a while now, and I'm getting  more
> interested in period music.  I play flute, piano and a little guitar and
> recorder.  I'd love to learn and play on a more period instrument (other
> than recorder) but every time I look into wood flutes or something like
> a lute, I find that they cost much more than I'm willing or able to
> spend.
> Anyone have any ideas that could help me out? (I love the modern flute,
> and I have a nice bamboo one...no idea what key...but it's not period,
> only renn. faire-ish)
> Thanks,
> -Elisabeth  (cozit@@apexgrp.com)

	You might try buying used; except for a drum [I guess there's some
sort of spiritual thing about drums and your energy.], I think any used
instrument is going to do you well, and if it breaks--no great financial
loss.  Of my five instruments, three are used.  I think it adds character!

		-Faremanne de Vere

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