minstrel: Getting kicked out of a bardic circle

Efenwealt Wystle efen at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 18 07:01:45 PDT 1997

I guess I've never REALLY seen anyone kicked out of a bardic. I've seen 
audience members leave, I've seen performers ignored, passed over, 
talked over, and not asked to perform.

I almost pulled an "El Kabong" on a lady once. I hefted my guitar over 
my head behind her. The story was way too long and she told it 
REALLLLLLY BADLY. My Baroness begged me to make her friend stop. Thank 
the gods it ended before I had to strike.

As for _Beowabbit_. I apologize for even mentioning that. I really hope 
nobody posts it. It is sort of a demented version of Beowulf. It is 
WAYYYY tooo long. I actually performed it once in installments at a 
bardic. A student of mine actually has the first 100 or so lines 
memorized - he's kind of sick.

Hey Thomas Bordeaux! How's that tape coming?

Hey Mikal! Anymore info on Molly?

bye all!

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