minstrel: Period Instruments

Alexandria Long longalex at pirates.Armstrong.EDU
Wed Sep 17 21:00:03 PDT 1997

> Ok, I've been reading this list for a while now, and I'm getting  more
> interested in period music.  I play flute, piano and a little guitar and
> recorder.  I'd love to learn and play on a more period instrument (other
> than recorder) but every time I look into wood flutes or something like
> a lute, I find that they cost much more than I'm willing or able to
> spend.
> Anyone have any ideas that could help me out? (I love the modern flute,
> and I have a nice bamboo one...no idea what key...but it's not period,
> only renn. faire-ish)
> Thanks,
> -Elisabeth  (cozit@@apexgrp.com)

Explore your recorder. Even though you can buy a plastic model for 5 bucks
doesn't mean it's dispensible. (Not inferring yours is cheap, just an
example. Many people overlook a recorder.)
I carry mine in a leather case on a belt. It makes people say, "Wow,
that's neat, what is it? Oh, it's a recorder." But then, they come up to
me later...what was that you were playing? it was really cool! 
You see, there is much more you can do with it besides play baroque and
rennaisance sheet music. there is the standard of playing Scottish and
Irish tunes---sliding notes on a recorder is really cool. The recorder is
MUCH more versitile than a pennywhistle. And then there's the dance. No,
not the SCA line dancing with Hole in the Head, etc., but middle eastern
dancing. Improvisation all the way, never do the same thing twice, and you
are VERY much appreciated by ALL. No more ignoring the simple, boring,
cheap children's toy we call a recorder.

---Ceara ni Neill

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