minstrel: Getting kicked out of a bardic circle

JP Andrews jpathomas at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 17 16:06:54 PDT 1997

>Efenwealt's Top 10 ways of getting thrown out of a bardic circle (or 
>causing it to leave you :-)
>10. recite a top 10 list
>9. recite _Beowabbit_
>8. sing _Imperium Compound_
>7. sing anything to the tune of _Greensleeves_
>6. perform selections from your bird-call repertoire
>5. play kazoo
>4. play crumhorn
>3. play doumbek
>2. drink _Imperium Compound_
>and yes the #1 way of being kicked out of a Bardic circle is NOT singing 
>songs by Efenwealt Wyslte (that's #17), but:
>1. discussing heraldry
>And if I've offended anyone, it is because I am an evil person. >:-)

So tell me Efen, have you ever actually been kicked out of a bardic 
circle? We were not about to kick you out of ours when you were in Caid a 
few months ago.

As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever seen anyone kicked out of a 
barid circle, not matter what they did (in the way of performance that 
is), and I've seen some really, REALLY, BAD performances.

I have however seen a few bardic circles kicked out of halls, pavillions, 
etc. Those fighters really get irked if they can't hear the order of 
combat being called over your guitar....

JP Andrews
(Lord Thomas Bordeaux)

History is a lie agreed upon - Napoleon Bonaparte

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