minstrel: musical Instruments

Laura McKinstry dalm at why.net
Wed Sep 17 15:08:12 PDT 1997

Wes Will wrote:

> >You can always swallow your fear of new things and try building an
> >instrument. That way you get to learn how the music is made in
> addition to
> >how it is played! you'd be surprised how easy it is to build some
> >instruments.
> Yeah, right.

Since it's come up more than once, though I supsect if wood TRULY hates
you, your best bet is to barter or buy, I thought I'd mention that there
are kits for instruments, where the wood is precut and all you have to
do is glue and stain.  And string - not an insurmountable task, but I
had a harper friend string my first one for me.  My beautiful Gothic 36
string harp that stands 5.5 feet tall and sounds like a hundred angels
with some VERY deep voices was built from a kit.

So was the harp I take with me to SCA events (I call it the camping
harp.)  It was built from a kit ten years ago for $175.  Sounds a bit
like a ukele, but it stays pretty well in tune through the heat of the
day AND the cool of the evening.  One tough little trooper!


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