minstrel: musical Instruments

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Wed Sep 17 06:20:30 PDT 1997

>You can always swallow your fear of new things and try building an
>instrument. That way you get to learn how the music is made in addition to
>how it is played! you'd be surprised how easy it is to build some

Yeah, right.

It ain't fear.

In the immortal words of Boss Murdoch, my high school shop teacher, he of
the only-three-fingers-left-original-length, "Boy, wood HATES you.  Go to
metals shop next term.  Or electronics.  Stay out of my class."

So I'm building a forge in my back yard, 25 years later.  And I'm a
computer geek by profession.  With a degree in electronics.  It isn't
always "fear of new things".  Sometimes you need some natural talent.  With
wood in particular, I have NONE.  I have never been the least artistically
inclined.  I can draft, but not sketch or draw.  Mechanical gimcrackery
does not confound me.  Gears and wheels and pulleys and motors are no
mystery.  A calligraphy pen is.  "It don't go where I push it."

I've found my artistic medium, though, finally.  Pumpkin.  I can carve a
mean jack o'lantern


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