minstrel: Thank you: instruments

Scott Henderson shenders at csc.sctboces.org
Wed Sep 17 06:19:46 PDT 1997

	Greetings Minstrels,

	In reading all responses so far about instruments I have made a 
	decision on them. 
	My Classical Guitar will always be with me but it will now have 
	friends ;-{)}
	I went to the attic and uncovered my old vaulted back Mandolin.
	This I bought at an antique store in "78" and will be a nice 
	varied sound under three recorders. 
	Our lead Recorder player has an Aunt with a lap Harp... we are
	going to invite her to our next preformance and I will see if
	she will part with it for a good price. wish me luck.
	Also I am saving for a Hammerd Dulcimer. I think this will lend
	itself very well under the Recorders. Our percusionist Has just
	purchased a Bohdran so things are looking great.
		Again thank you all for your input, it's so nice to 
	get addvice from musicians with the same mind set. 

	the Scot.....
	Sola Virtus Nobilitat		"In Ferro Veritas"

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