minstrel: looking for a song

Rex Deaver rdeaver at swbell.net
Wed Sep 17 05:58:31 PDT 1997

At 12:19 AM 9/17/97 -0400, Alexandria Long wrote:
>At Pennsic I met a gentle who sang a Calontir song that I'd love the words
>to. Something about a barbarian king, pawning the crown, if I'm good in
>another six months I can do it all over again, there's a $90 site fee and
>guess who owns the site....
>ring any bells?

Brom's Reign.  I will get the words to you this evening, if someone doesn't
beat me to it.


Rex Deaver (SCA Mathurin Kerbusso) -- rdeaver at swbell.net
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