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Rex Deaver rdeaver at swbell.net
Wed Sep 17 05:58:28 PDT 1997

At 11:42 PM 9/16/97 -0400, Alexandria Long wrote:
> They  start around $1,000 and can cost more than $2,500 
>You can always swallow your fear of new things and try building an
>instrument. That way you get to learn how the music is made in addition to
>how it is played! you'd be surprised how easy it is to build some

Milady, that was a bit harsh.  Most of us try new things all the time.
There being only a finite amount of time in the Universe, let alone in our
lives, we must choose from among all possible new things the few that we
think will serve us best.  

If one has never tried woodworking, I suggest a simpler project than a
stringed instrument to begin on.   If one has no skill with wood, and has
not the Muse for that art,  then it is *not* easy to build *anything*, it is
a labor not of love but of frustration.  Wood fights against my touch, and
when I manage to win it is often a hollow victory.   

If you are like me, then such an attempt is useless...your clumsy hands may
be able to render useable furniture, but an instrument is a much subtler
thing.   Trade the produce of the skills you have for the talents of a true
artist of wood.  There is no shame in such a choice, you are no less
courageous for knowing your limits, and you make two happy where one would
be miserable.


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