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Rex Deaver rdeaver at swbell.net
Tue Sep 16 17:59:31 PDT 1997

>> > 	I would like to know players preferencess about there instruments.
>> > 	Solo, accompianing, fun, whatever you want to throw out there..
>> > 	I am a singer that plays guitar and am looking for a more "period"
>> > 	tool to use. Citern is what I am thinking about but wanted all
>> > 	of the input I can find.
>> > 	I am curious of what you Lasses and Ladies use...........

For many years my only instrument was the bodhran.  I still like it for lots
of things.  It seems simple, and can be, but it is one of those "minutes to
learn, a lifetime to master" things.  There are ranges of improvisation that
can be done that are surprising to people who see one and just think "drum".  

I have played around with pennywhistle, mostly doodling to get a tune for
something I'm writing.  Can't think of anytime I ever used it in performance.

This year I started learning mandolin.  Right now I am still just chording
accompaniment, but even that adds a dimension that I hadn't really expected.
Eventually, if it looks like I am any good and/or willing to continue with
it, I will trade up to mandola/octave mandolin/bouzuki to get the deeper sound.


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