minstrel: Does anyone have any Renaissance drinking songs?

Britt tierna at agora.rdrop.com
Tue Sep 16 02:25:34 PDT 1997

>	would you happen to have any sheet music for Renaissance
>drinking songs -- preferably in English, and even more preferably in
>four parts (SATB, even). my madrigal group is currently looking for
>new music, and I've been wanting to try some drinking songs for quite
>a while now, mainly because they're funny and should be fairly simple
>to learn. (we don't have much of an audience at school, but if we
>started singing about ale, the collegiate interest might be piqued.)
>    not that this necessarily needs to be confined to drinking songs.
>(mildly) raunchy songs will be gladly accepted; anything funny would
>be great. no filk though -- we stick to period stuff since we call
>ourselves the Renaissance Singers. (also, how am I going to keep the
>people who like modern choral music -- aaaaack!! yuck! -- at bay, if I
>suddenly bring in 20th century stuff myself?).

I have no sheet music, alas, nor even hard documentation.  But I do have
a resource that shouldn't be overlooked.  Whilst at the library last week,
I came across a cassette entitled "The Art of the Bawdy Song".
Naturally, being a library tape, the liner notes were gone.  But this is
the information I could get from the label:
"The Art of the Bawdy Song"    The Baltimore Consort & The Merry Companions
Dorian Recordings, a Dorian Group Ltd. company, copyright 1992
the ID# is DOR-90155

The entire contents of this tape are drinking songs, bawdy songs, or just
plain rude songs (one deals extensively with bodily functions in what seems
to be an Elizabethian form, entitled "Pox on You").  
They are definitely madrigals, catches and rounds, and rather lovely in
musical form.
It might be possible to find out if the music is available for groups such
as yours.  Several titles are ones I've seen before, with dates.  

(It is most definitely good entertainment, if nothing else.)

- Teceangl

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