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The Cynaugan Sampler was recorded by Lord Valadonis Stareagle and 
produced by Lord Sean Graethorne. The recordings were made in Valadonis's 
appartment in Sacramento, CA, I think sometime in 1993, but I'm not 
exactly sure. There is a rather long j-card that is supposed to be passed 
on with each copy of the tape that tells who wrote and who performed 
what. The person who gave you the tape (or a copy of the tape) was 
supposed to make sure that this informaiton was included.

The songs are:
Side One
Cynaugan War Cry by Master Corwin Breemore
Poof in Mouth Bard by Lord Valadonis Stareagle
The Mighty Bard by Lord Iestyn (Justin) ap Salis
Boozin' in the Glen by Sean Graethorne
The Atenveldt Joke by Lady Oksana Vladislavonvna Soroka Talonvakilaine 
Bla Wind Bla by Master Corwin Breemore (traditional)
How Shall I honor My Lady by Lord Iestyn (Justin ap Salis
Silver Crown by Lord Valadonis Stareagle
Duling Bards (intro) (Traditional)
Burn That Saxon Village Down by Lord Sean Graethorne
Sixteen Knights by Lady Oksana validslavonvna Seroka Talonvalilaine 

Side Two
The Challenge by Master Corwin Breemor (Breana wrote the Harp part)
The Toast by Lord Valadonis Stareagle
Lady Falcon by Lord Iestyn (Justin) ap Salis
In Praise of Cynauga by Lord Sean Graethorne
The Night Before Lyrics by Lord Sean Graethorne, Music by Lord Iestyn 
(Justin) ap Salis
Oh, Cynauga by Lady Oksana Valdislavonvna Soroka Talonvakilaine (Koshka)
The Maid's Lement by Master Corwin Breemore, music by Lord Iestyn 
(Justin) ap Salis
Where the Swan Flies by Lord Valadonis Stareagle
Viking Love Song by Lord Iestyn (Justin) ap Salis
Boot the the Head by Lord Sean Graethorne (filk)
The Magic Goes Away by Lord Sean Graethorne (filk)

They made the tape as an attempt to show people what was going on in the 
Bardic Arts in Cynauga and the Province of Golden Rivers, and they gave 
it away for free to anyone that asked, with the understanding that the 
J-card would always be copied too.

In 1994 Valadonis recorded the Son of Cynaugan Sampler, with included 
songs by almost all the bards that appiered on CS, along with songs by 
Michael Gallowglass (he has since changed his name, but I can't recall 
what he changed it too) and myself, along with a few others. I believe 
that it's still avalable from Valadonis.

I do not however know how to contact Valadonis. I believe he still lives 
in the West, in the Principality of the Mists. Someone in that area might 
have contact information for him.

Lord Thomas Bordeaux

>I have recently found a tape called 'Cynaguan Sampler' by my friend, the
>owner.  Upon this tape are many songs, none of which have a name or author
>to them.  I would ask two things:  A) If you know the actual name and/or
>author of any of these songs, please tell me, and B) If you are the author
>or know them, what sort of permission is given to sing these songs at
>bardics?  I do not plan to sing any of them for money or compensation of
>any kind (They pay enough just enduring my singing), but I don't want to
>step on any toes (or copyrights) and I would like to give credit where
>credit is due.  The songs are (To the best of my knowledge):
>Cynaguan Battle Song (Shieldman and pikeman and archers all...)
>The Bard with His Foot In His Mouth (Listen now, while I tell you a story)
>In the Field of Battle (In the hall, of my lord's holding...)
>Boozin in the Glen (How many foes must a warrior mow down...)
>Blow, Winds Blow (There stands three trumpeters on a hill...)
>How Shall I Honor My Lady?(If I were a Fair-tongued minstrel)
>The Elf and the Child (She came to my woods, one midsummer Eve)
>Burn That Saxon Village Down ([I can't make out the first verse])
>I Owe My Soul to the Armourer's Store (Some people say a knight is made
>                                 out of metal....)
>Here's To Our Lovers And Here's To Our Friends ([Here's to our lovers...)
>Whatever Happened to the Feelings? (Looking back upon my memories...)
>Hearken Back to the Night Before (The Night Before)
>O Cynagua (French and English trans.) (O Cynagua...)
>The Land of the Swan (This World I've wandered over...)
>Viking Lover (I'm a sturdy Viking lad of hairy chest and chin....)
>Boot to the Head [SCA version] (Here's a little song we wrote...)
>The Magic Goes Away (As the fire is dying...)
>If it is of interest, I am up in Winter's Gate in the Principality of
>Please respond
>Logan of Winter's Gate

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