minstrel: Old Instruments and Musical Deserts

Erik Conrad econrad at easystreet.com
Tue Aug 26 10:52:40 PDT 1997

Logan wrote:
> This is a little out of period, but I thought people on this list would be
> interested, especially since it has to do with the evolution of music
> BEFORE period, as opposed to after
> a bone flute that may be more than 43,000 years old.

Ceara wrote:
> thanks for the info...one can never have enough useless but interesting
> facts swimming in his head.

"Useless?"  Though it may not have been intended to mean such, let's not be
judgmental, please.  Any research attempt that sheds some light on Period
subjects is good and should be encouraged.  I'm new to music-theory stuff, and
I enjoy hearing about background information.  This will send me off to the
library.  Thank you for the info, Logan!
--Thomas Ward

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