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Gwynyth jarnott at WELLESLEY.EDU
Mon Aug 25 18:50:40 PDT 1997

Good Gentles:

If I may beg your indulgence for a moment for something not *quite* Society
based - but which has a fair bit to do with early music sources.

I am, mundanely, a double major (undergraduate) in Music and
Medieval/Renaissance studies. This fall, my senior year, I am undertaking
an independent composition project. This, my own idea and brainchild - and
something I've had in mind for more than a year now - will be a setting of
the Passion according to St. Mark, using my own modified translation (I do
read New Testament Greek) as well as some added texts.

That is, however, assuming I can find things I want to set. There are three
things I would be most grateful for assistance with:

1) I want to look into the possibility of using religious texts from the
Middle Ages/Renaissance for the equivalent of arias and other solos. I'm
particularly interested in Marian texts (or others which put emphasis on
the role of women in the Gospel) and in texts which border on secular
depictions (The imagery in portions of "My Dancing Day", for example -
songs which show the Christian Church as a beloved)

2)  I'm interested in is finding a decent collection of Gregorian chants
from various time periods and traditions, preferably, in either CD/tape
format or in a book. I have, thus far, not had a huge amount of luck
finding collections which aren't specific to a given tradition or area, and
I'd rather not wade through massive numbers of sources for something I
intend to use for inspiration. Liturgical music which isn't chant would
also be nice (though I prefer non-polyphony, for varied reasons)

3) I'm also interested in a similar collection, if one exists, of early
medieval love songs (again, nothing polyphonic by preference, as I'm
looking for ideas about the melody line more than harmonisations)

None of these are crucial to the success of the project - but all of them
would help me to shape organisational structures and ideas more solidly
around a more cohesive overall style.

My most abundent and humble thanks for any help you can give.

-Cecilia Peters.
MKA Jennifer Arnott

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