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Not sure in everyone here has seen this announcement, so I'm sending it to

Stonemarche (NH) / September 19th-21st 
Harper's Retreat & Baronial Archery Tourney!

As that great Bard, Sir Henry of Youngman once said, we have some bad news
and some good news.  The bad news is that some creative scheduling by our
site provider resulted in our event being double-booked against a Lutheran
church outing. Now, while the potential cultural cross-pollination between
Lutherans and SCAdians was tempting to consider, the site is not large
enough to hold both groups, even should we wish.

The good news is that we have been offered the same site, two week later,
and for free.  As a result, we are passing the savings on to you.  Yes, the
same event that recently sold for $20 per person is now yours for not $15!
Not $10! No, not even $5!  For FREE!  That's right friends.  And how can we
afford such an incredible offer?  Volume, volume, volume!
As Summer blows it's last warm breath over the land, what better time to
brush up those harping skills in preparation for the long winter days to
come?  So come ye all to Stonemarche on the weekend of September 19th for
three days of music, story and everything else Bardic.

Yes, Harper's Retreat is back from hibernation, and not only is it now
safely out of Stonemarche Mud Season (known in other places as Spring), but
also in a new site just a few minutes from the Carolingia border, at the
Bear Hill 4H Camp (no address). This site, located at Bear Brook State Park
in Suncook, NH (between Manchester and Concord), offers everything a tired
harper could ask for.  32 cabins are available, sleeping between 3 and 7
people depending on size.  Each cabin has real beds, and each group of 5
cabins has it's own indoor toilet facilities.  In addition, shower
facilities are available on site.

The weekend will be devoted to the arts and pleasures of the harper.
Workshops will be conducted on a variety of topics, taught by experienced
musicians, dancers, story tellers and craftspeople.  If you wish to offer
your services as an instructor, please contact the autocrat (listed below).
We hope to arrange some concerts, as well as a couple of good old jam
sessions.  Saturday night, we will be having a competition Bardic Circle,
with prizes for the best singing and  storytelling.  Also Saturday night,
we will be having a feast in the Great Hall, and hope to season the dinner
with songs and stories from those assembled.

In addition, at the request of the Baron, we will be hosting the Baronial
Archery Tourney on Saturday afternoon.  In a Barony well-known for the
prowess of her archers, this should prove to be a stiff competition.

Rattan and fencing may be available as interest and resources
allow, and may have a harping theme. But this is primarily a weekend to
bask in the wonderful music, story and dance of our Society, and to make
holes in things.  And since the art of the harper has always been enhanced
by the art of the brewer and vintner, we will also hold a brewing and
winemaking competition. Come to play, come to dance, come to learn or come
to listen.

The admittance fee for the weekend is FREE, and includes cabin space.
Cabin space will be allocated on a firstcome, first served basis.  Groups
of 4 are prefered, groups of less than 4 may be asked to share a cabin with
another small group.  If all cabin space is filled, tent space is available

Because cabin space is limited, we encourage gentles to reserve space
early.  Reservations should be made with Lord Yitzhak ibn Yoshua (James M.
Turner), 107 Fordway Ext, Derry NH 03038; (603) 425-2995;
turner at blackbear.com.  Please indicate the number in your party, along with
names.  If you have sent money already, your check has been destroyed.  If
you sent cash, the beer was delicious (just kidding, it will be mailed back.)

The feast will feature three large removes of several dishes, and is being
planned by Lady Rhiannon Dubgh, and will be held in the Great Hall on
Saturday night.  Feast size will be based on advanced reservations, so if
you do not sign up for feast ahead of time, we do not guarentee you a
place.  The cost for the feast is $7 for adults, and $3 for children. The
site is discretely wet (no open containers, etc). 

The site will open at 4PM on Friday, and close at 2PM on Sunday.


Find your best route to I-93 between Manchester and Concord, NH.

Take exit 9N (Hookset) onto Rtes 3 and 38.  Follow these roads until you
reach the sign for Route 28, marked Bear Brook State Park.  Follow Route 28
until you see a right turn at a sign for Bear Brook State Park (Bear Brook

Take the road through the park.  It will eventually turn into Deefield
Road. You will see a sign on the right for the Camping Grounds.  Take this
road.  Shortly, you will see a small house on the left at the corner of a
road leading off to the left.  This road is signed for the Camping Grounds.
 Do not take this road.  Proceed straight onto the (soon to be) dirt road.
Take this road several miles, until you reach the 4-H camp.

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