minstrel: looking for lyrics...

Charissa ladycharissa at geocities.com
Sat Aug 23 09:47:29 PDT 1997

Ok, I've exausted all the web sources I know, and still can't find this
song that a friend wants sung at her wedding.  We have the melody, but
no lyrics.  (Well, we did find some info on it, but they didn't have the
lyrics, and it was a Ku Klux Klan page... I was afraid to ask them for
Anyway, it's out of period, but I know not where else to turn... 
The song is called Give Me Your Hand, or Tabhair Dom do Lamh, by Rory
Dall O Cathain.  Can anyonehelp me???

Thank you!

Si hoc signum legere potes, operis boni in rebus Latinus alacribus et
fructuosis potiri potes!

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