minstrel: Performance Garb

Ed Hopkins Ed.Hopkins at MCI.Com
Fri Aug 22 10:05:00 PDT 1997

> Do any of you perform English Renaissance/Elizabethan repertoire in
> mundane settings where they want you in costume, but don't have a 
> scholar's eye for what "in costume" should really be?   (We're talking
> rich ladies' tea parties here.)  I find drop-dead authentic garb too 
> uncomfortable...most especially, I cannot STAND to have something 
> elaborate on my head while playing my harp.  I do, however, need to 
> hide an aggressively modern hairstyle [industrial strength spiking gel 
> is involved!].  Any brainstorms would be much appreciated.

I've seen portraits of Elizabeth I that show a _very_ high forehead,
as if she shaved her hairline back.  I think most women with Elizabethan
personas can't portray that fashion because it would look too strange
in their mundane life.  It sounds as though you wouldn't have _that_
problem, so you might have a unique opportunity to be more authentic.

BTW, _I_ think your question exactly fits the topic of this list.

-- Alfredus

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