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Harold Feld hfeld at ids2.idsonline.com
Thu Aug 21 18:33:39 PDT 1997

Mathurin, we have crossed swords bardicly before.  Further, I recall a
certain King of Calontir who was quite annoyed by things that I wrote (and
I never even mentioned his name).

I have, however, always signed my name.  OTOH, I respect the right of
people who don't.  Some years ago, someone wrote an anonymous song
criticizing the king and publishing it on Atlantia list.  He was roundly
criticized for not giving his name.  I wrote this in his defense:

How brave to sit in burning righteous wrath
Condemning one for feeling human fear
How noble it must be, this perfect path
You follow with your fellows sitting near
How each your brother's virtue you must cheer
Such courage and such fine nobility
To curse the weak for sake of chivalry

Oh brotherhood of honor that you share
(No room within your hearts for sympathy)
To boldly smite this fellow who would dare
To mock one in this manner cowardly
Oh what a vengence on this dastardly
Knave shall you prepare.  Does this then show
How brave you are, so all the world shall know

Your honor is unblemished by such base
Feelings as compassion for the frail
Or weak of spirit? Yes, make great haste
To condemn this villain!  Do not fail
To rain down insults like a smiting hail.
Thus dsiplaying your virtue in this fashion,
Show honor unalloyed with base compassion.

Mar Yaakov HaMizrachi ben Avraham Arye

Harold Feld, Esq.
Asst. General Counsel A-TCPIP/DNRC

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