minstrel: Nursery rhymes as vestiges of medieval satire

Martin Hungerford jongleur at netcon.net.au
Thu Aug 21 04:40:25 PDT 1997

>> [...] the satirists, most of whose work is now remembered as nursery rhyme.
>While some people did advance a theory that nursery rhymes began as
>satires of specific historical events in the Period (such as "Ring
>Around The Rosy" supposedly referring to the Plague) later research
>has indicated that they have a much more recent origin.
>-- Alfredus Scurra

most curious. Have they a proposed date for "Mary Mary quite contrary"?

I was actually thinking of Parisian satirists from about the reign of 
Louis XI and probably should not have combined this thought with the 
following one about nursery rhymes. :) 

Ar well, the moving finger types and...

Martin o' Lyos

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