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Wed Aug 20 15:18:54 PDT 1997

At 02:04 PM 8/20/97 -0700, Benson, William R. wrote:

>In light of this, the Bards have taken a decidedly delightful tack in
>resolving the problem.
>"Where are the Bards?" you ask.
>>Says I,  "They are training the children..."
>	I hope you approve.

O, yes I do! :):)

I guess I am spoiled.  I came to the SCA and have spent my entire career in

We don't have knights with little or no respect for the arts & sciences.
There are no "stickjocks" in Calontir...every fighter I know of is also an
artist or artisan.  Kinda hard to have a "stickjock mentality" when
dukes/counts/Knights/Masters at Arms do embroidery, woodwork, music , etc. :):)

There are no "stickjock" Crowns, either.  O, yes, some of them have done
some pretty stoopid things..."making their own shit sandwich" as one duke
says.  But they all know that when their reign is over they are going to
have to *eat* that sandwich :):)  But I can't think of one that would
tolerate a lynch mob for a second.

I can't think of any incidents of  "...ducktaping to a tree..." or the like
that was not done in all fun and good humor.  I have seen people get riled,
talk about "chastisement"...but true to the principles of our game, they
calmed down without it going any further than that.

We do a pretty good job of "training the children" here...and the Knights,
Laurels and Pelicans are as good teachers ( if not better than ) the bards.


Rex Deaver
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