minstrel: Nursery rhymes as vestiges of medieval satire

Blues Blues at mail.ic.net
Fri Aug 22 12:39:33 PDT 1997

Ed Hopkins wrote:
> Master Martin Hungerford, aka Martin Jongleur, aka Martin Ashford, aka
> Martin o' Lyos, aka Martin the Juggler, wrote, in part:
> > [...] the satirists, most of whose work is now remembered as nursery rhyme.
> While some people did advance a theory that nursery rhymes began as
> satires of specific historical events in the Period (such as "Ring
> Around The Rosy" supposedly referring to the Plague) later research
> has indicated that they have a much more recent origin.
> -- Alfredus Scurra
> __________________

Can you please be more specific about the "later research" you cite?

Gunnbjorn Gunnarsson

The Blues Viking Online!

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