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>I was going to comment on that "bardic privilege" thing, but skipped it.  It
>is a great myth within the SCA that bards/minstrels had some form of

They did, in a lot of ways.  My recent researches turned up a lot of
instances of minstrels being allowed into foreign camps before battles,
anonymous minstrels being let into feasting halls without invitation,
unscrupulous minstrels abusing the freedom traditionally given their honest
brethren, and so on.  It's not immunity from harm, but there's certainly a
lot more to it than patronage and luck.  Basically, everyone likes a good
song - or a poorly filked and heavy-handed one, as the recent example was...

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So, in addition to being a greedy, satanic terrorist, I am
also destroying the morals of a generation of school
children.  In cartooning terms, that's called a home run.  It
will be hard to improve on that next month.
                         -- Scott Adams, _Dilbert_ cartoonist


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