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Fruitbat fruitbat at macquarie.matra.com.au
Tue Aug 19 17:38:18 PDT 1997

>Fruitbat wrote:
>> There's nothing at all wrong with anonymity; we are minstrels, remember: it
>> is our right to sing out without fear of retaliation.
>Hardly. It is our gift to sing. It is our obligation to accept
>responsibility and the consequences for our actions.

I will agree with this only on the day that a Crown Prince is denied his
coronation because he's a bully, a thug or an egomaniac.  Since this has
never been included in the list of exclusions, I don't expect it to happen
soon.  A king (or a prince) has the power to let his ego trample all over
anyone he likes.  Here in Australia we have a thing called the tall poppy
syndrome: the idea is that whoever stands up tallest gets cut down first.
Minstrels stand up tall - that's why we should be allowed to wear masks.
If the King is as guilty as he seems to be - as guilty as the anon.
minstrel thinks - then he needs to be told so.  And if he _is_ that guilty,
and if he finds out who's criticising him, do you really think his critic
will be safe?  Someone mad enough to do such damage to his kingdom - if mad
he is, and I see to reason to think it's all a typo - is easily mad enough
to do damage to his individual subjects as well.

Kathleen added:
>By mideival law you are protected from retaliation by even the crown.

Only in period.  Not here.  Here you can be threatened, bullied, made the
subject of whims, even banned.  There's one thing I keep hearing from
Knights and singers alike: Kings Don't Like Minstrels.  They don't like
being criticised.  But if they weren't criticised, well... fencing tourney,

I repeat: do not chastise this anonymous author for his cowardice.  You'll
be there one day, and you'll wish you hadn't.

- - Fruitbat - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So, in addition to being a greedy, satanic terrorist, I am
also destroying the morals of a generation of school
children.  In cartooning terms, that's called a home run.  It
will be hard to improve on that next month.
                         -- Scott Adams, _Dilbert_ cartoonist


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