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>On Tue, 19 Aug 1997, William and Scianna Augustine wrote:
>> Fruitbat wrote:
>> > There's nothing at all wrong with anonymity; we are minstrels, remember: 
>> > is our right to sing out without fear of retaliation.
>> Hardly. It is our gift to sing. It is our obligation to accept
>> responsibility and the consequences for our actions.
>> Sionnach
>I agree with Sionnach on this one.  It is our privlidge to sing.  It is
>our responsibility to be accountable.  This does not mean we avoid social
>commentary.  On the contrary...  In my opinion, it is the responsibility
>of the Bard to point out injustice and dishonor, as it is our pleasure to
>show off the just and honorable.  Yes, it is frightening to sing of
>dishonor in front of those whose actions inspired us to write, but believe
>me...  It works.  You are a Bard, a minstral, a troubador.  By mideival
>law you are protected from retaliation by even the crown.  Just be as sure
>as ever you may be that what you sing of is true.  That you know as much
>of 'the whole story' as you can.  Put your name to your words, that
>acusations of petty cowardace do not draw attention from the moral of the
>song.  And, if in retrospect, or as details emergy, you find you have
>err'd, have the courage to apologize.  In as public a manor as you sang
>initially.  Welcome to the world of the Bard. ;)

Sometime ago on this list there was a good discusion about the "our right 
to sing out without fear of retaliation." The result of which was that it 
was more commonly our right to be hanged for being common vagabonds.

In this case, the minstrel is not a common vagabond, nor a minstrel (by 
SCA definition - we are all nobles) and therefore, in my view, is not 
behaving honourably in concealling their identity. 

S/He is copying more the behaviour of the satirists, most of whose work 
is now remembered as nursery rhyme.

Martin o' Lyos

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