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Rex Deaver rdeaver at cgro.com
Tue Aug 19 07:09:13 PDT 1997

At 12:33 AM 8/19/97 -0600, mary k cummings wrote:
>I found this in my mailbox when I signed in this evening.  It is
>interesting.  Why is it interesting?  Well...  This was posted to the
>Middlebridge.  And the author is unknown.  So...  Somewhere out there in
>the Middle Kingdom is someone brave enough to tell the King he's doing a
>terrible job, but /not/ brave enough to sign the song.

It was reposted on the Calontir list as well.   Following is my response; I
have seen nothing since to change my mind, so I repost it unchanged.

>Please repost as widely as the original.
>At 08:31 PM 8/6/97 -0700, Mix wrote:
>> The author of this song, in the discussion on posting it anonymously
>>had this to say.
>>> Precisely.  The reason *songs* are written annoymously is because the
>>> author wishes to focus upon the song and its issue, rather than the
>>> author. 
>This is not like challenging a mundane tyrant who can have you beheaded.
You risk nothing more than your target...i.e., honor and reputation.  If you
aren't willing to risk your own, then you do not have enough courage in your
conviction to attack someone else's.  
>Only to protect oneself or others from *real* hurt is such anonymity
acceptable.  Otherwise, it is character assassination, pure and simple, not
honorable combat.  It is an act of cowardice.  A bard must have more respect
for their power than that, else they are more dangerous to the Dream than
any rogue Crown could ever be.
>I chastise the unnamed bard, and do charge them with base slander.  I
challenge the accuser to face the accused on equal terms.  Let them stand
forth and venture as precious a thing as they threaten...a man's honor...or
stand silent and prove themselves false, unchivalrous and forsworn.  
>HL Mathurin Kerbusso, Barony of Forgotten Sea, Kingdom of Calontir

Rex Deaver
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