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Tue Aug 19 02:03:35 PDT 1997

>Have things come to such a pass in the Middle Kingdom?  That the Royal's
>behavior is bad enough to inspire such derission?  

It's not at all uncommon for a King or Queen to inspire derision in their
people - witness the popular sentiment against the K&Q in Lochac last year
when they insulted our fencers so rudely and without remorse.

I know little about this situation, but mailing lists and newsgroups are
hardly the place to find out the truth.  I suspect that, as usual, every
man believes himself simultaneously wronged and righteous, and no man feels
inclined to give  his fellow the benefit of the doubt.  I heartily hope the
king comes to his senses before he does himself a lifelong disservice.

>However the piece is unsigned.  Which
>tends to argue either that the King's behavior is indeed that bad, and the
>individual is afraid of retalliation, /or/ that the individual has some
>nefarious reason for posting the song unsigned...  

There's nothing at all wrong with anonymity; we are minstrels, remember: it
is our right to sing out without fear of retaliation.  When the protection
of the crown is unavailable - minstrels in the SCA are not inviolate as
they often were in period - then the protection of anonymity is a fair
substitute.  Never, I beg you, cast nasturtiums on a poet for fearing for
his own safety!

>Whatever the reason for
>the anonimity of the post, I suspect it will serve it's intended
>purpose...  Assuming, that is, that the author wishes to bring public
>scrutiny to the Middle Kingdom's Crown.

Only on the internet, and that's hardly at all.  The truth will depend on
the loyalty of the officers of the crown, and the wisdom of the Queen, and
the humility of all parties.  Pray to your household gods that these
qualities surface quickly, because any injury diminishes us all.

In service to reality,

: Eric :

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will be hard to improve on that next month.
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