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mary k cummings mkcummin at unm.edu
Mon Aug 18 23:33:47 PDT 1997

I found this in my mailbox when I signed in this evening.  It is
interesting.  Why is it interesting?  Well...  This was posted to the
Middlebridge.  And the author is unknown.  So...  Somewhere out there in
the Middle Kingdom is someone brave enough to tell the King he's doing a
terrible job, but /not/ brave enough to sign the song.

Have things come to such a pass in the Middle Kingdom?  That the Royal's
behavior is bad enough to inspire such derission?  Without knowing
particulars, I can not comment.  However the piece is unsigned.  Which
tends to argue either that the King's behavior is indeed that bad, and the
individual is afraid of retalliation, /or/ that the individual has some
nefarious reason for posting the song unsigned...  Whatever the reason for
the anonimity of the post, I suspect it will serve it's intended
purpose...  Assuming, that is, that the author wishes to bring public
scrutiny to the Middle Kingdom's Crown.

What say you?


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  Sung to the tune of "I Wonder what the King is Doing Tonight" from    

 I wonder what the King is doing tonight,
 What od'ous little plot he's brewing tonight
 The rumors being spread are simply a fright,
 I wonder what the King is doing tonight.
 Oh, how could he be darin' to throw out a landed baron,
 And just tell him "You're a bother, now run along."
 No matter what the king is doing tonight
 He's wrong. He's wrong

 I wonder what the King is doing tonight
 What commoner or peer he's screwing tonight,
 How can the middle Kingdom suffer such a blight?
 I wonder what the King is doing tonight?
 Again the word is spoken that His Maj's oath is broken
 And now one brave soul cries "Foul" as he should.
 And what more could the king be doing tonigh,
 No good no good

 I wonder what the King is doing tonight?
 What new witch hunt is he pursuing tonight?
 Could you now be the target he has in sight?
 We wonder what the King is up to tonight.
 So what if you've been loyal, it's no matter to this Royal,
 For his words are seldom what they seem.
 I'll tell you what the King is doing tonight.
 With plot and scheme, he harms the dream,
 And that is what the King is doing tonight.

 It was on the bridge; thought y'all might want to see the general 
sentiment towards the iluustrious leader of the Midrealm. The author 
remains anon.

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