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At 09:43 AM 8/10/97 -1000, you wrote:  (snipp)
>I will also accredit you on the page for that. If you would like, 
>I will also happily place you (and any other Fooles who wish) in 
>the Fooles "Competition" page...

I'm not sure what kind of competition you mean?  I don't juggle,
my hat doesn't ring (but my ears do), words fall trippingly off
my tongue, but then tend to keep falling.  

On a slightly different note, I thought I'd clip a section on the 
Franciscans (known as the "fools of God"), from the New Advent
On-Line Catholic Encyclopedia:   http://www.sni.net/advent/

....St. Francis (and) the Friars Minor went forth two by two exhorting 
the people of the surrounding country. Like children "careless of the 
day", they wandered from place to place singing in their joy, and 
calling themselves the Lord's minstrels. The wide world was their 
cloister; sleeping in haylofts, grottos, or church porches, they toiled 
with the labourers in the fields, and when none gave them work they
would beg. In a short while Francis and his companions gained an 
immense influence, and men of different grades of life and ways of 
thought flocked to the order. Among the new recruits made about 
this time By Francis were the famous Three Companions, who afterwards 
wrote his life, namely: Angelus Tancredi, a noble cavalier; Leo, the 
saint's secretary and confessor; and Rufinus, a cousin of St. Clare; 
besides Juniper, "the renowned jester of the Lord". 

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