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A good source for treatises on early music is Oliver Strunk's Source Readings
in Music History.  Since these documents were written by theorists, though,
they are more likely than not to put you to sleep.  I speak from experience
on this, and I majored in music...Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Two excellent music history books are A History of Music and Musical Style,
by Ulrich and Pisk,  and A History of Western Music, by Donald J. Grout.
 These two books are standard college music textbooks.  I have used them many
times as references.  They are nicely laid out and fairly easy to understand.

There is also an excellent thesis on early music women composers at :

This document lists composers by period,  recordings, sources and a

You can also try the Scottish Music Information Centre at:

They have scores, references, recordings, etc., and you can purchase or rent
scores from them.   They were kind enough to send me several things on a
trial basis, which was very helpful.    

You might try the Gaylord Music Library at Washington University in St.
Louis.  They have numerous early music scores,  in facsimile as well as in
modern notation.    Try 314-935-6500.  

It sounds like you're taking on quite a task - please let me know if I can be
of further assistance.  

In service,

Mary Sinclair

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