minstrel: the earliest Anglo-Saxon music

Monica Cellio mjc at telerama.lm.com
Thu Aug 7 14:57:20 PDT 1997

I assume you don't mean chant?  There are some fairly early examples of
that -- certainly 10th century, and I seem to recall at least a couple
extant pieces going back to the 6th century.  If you want theory, look
up Boethius as an early writer on the subject -- but you won't find 
examples that you can ssing in his treatises.

The medieval view of music is very different from the renaissance view,
which in turn is different from the modern view.  I highly recommend
taking the time to read at least one general survey-type book covering
the medieval period; it'll greatly help you understand how to approach
the field.

Sorry this is terse; I'm leaving for Pennsic soon and don't currently have
time to write the long response this question really wants.  If no one
else jumps in, drop me a reminder in about two weeks.


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