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At 8:40 AM -0600 6/8/97, mary k cummings wrote:
>On Wed, 6 Aug 1997, Christopher Maddox wrote:

>> To any and all minstrels who may be interested:
>> I have in my pudgy little grasp, a book entitled "An Elizabethan Song
>> Book:  Lute Songs:Madrigals and Rounds"  printed in 1955...does anybody
>> else have this or do I have a little treasure on my hands....
>Sounds like a treasure to me, Cadfael. :)  I certainly don't have it.
>Though publisher's info would be apreciated...

Don't know if it's the same book, but I'm providing details of my copy of a
book that sounds somewhat similar.

An Elizabethan songbook: Lute songs, madrigals, and songs.  1982.  Text
edited by W.H. Auden and Chester Kaliman.  Music edited by Noah Greenberg.
Faber and Faber.

Some things to note - originally published in 1957 by Faber.  It was bought
in Australia (for the fairly obvious reason that that's where I live) and
we tend to get British publications of books rather than American - and US
publications tend to be very different.  My copy is most battered and
well-worn, after my mother presented it to me with great glee in 1987 when
I was writing a High School essay on the lute-song, a type of music with
which I had decided I would like to get more familiar.  Thus my downfall
began ...

Fyrean ...

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