minstrel: Lyrics search: Old Martin Mull Song

Amy Wilson catelin at fyi.net
Tue Aug 5 17:44:04 PDT 1997

Greetings, everyone!

If you haven't all left for Pennsic yet, how about helping
a lass in need?  :)

I'm looking for the words to a comedy
song Martin Mull did on an album (yep, I said album) 
years ago that I used to have.  It's called
"Men" or "The Men Song," or "It's Great to be with Men."

I can't find the record, and I can only remember a handful
of the lyrics, but it goes something like this:

It's great to be on a ship with men
and sail across the sea-o
(can't remember next line)
It's great to be with men

'Cause men can sweat and men can stink
And no one seems to care-o
We throw the dishes in the sink 
and clog the drain with hair-o

Men, Men, Men!
It's a ship all filled with men
You never have to lift the seat
There's no one here but men

Can anyone help with the full
three (I think) verses?

Thanking you in advance I remain,

Catelin the Patient

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