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Tue Aug 5 08:06:43 PDT 1997

		Thor's Son

                              Lyrics: Robert Howard
                              Music: Arwyn Antarae

Serpent prow on the Afric coast.
Doom on the Moorish town;
And this is the song that the steersman sang
As the dragonship swept down:

I followed Asgrimm Snorri's son around the world and halfway back,
And 'scaped the hate of Galdjerhun who sank out ship off Skagerack.
I lent my sword to Hrothgar then; his eyes were ice, his heart was hard.
He fell with half his weapon-men to our own kin at Mikligard.

And then for many a weary moon I labored at the galley's oar,
Where men grow maddened by the rune of row-locks clanking evermore.
But I survived the reeking rack, the toil, the whips that burned and
The spiteful Greeks that scarred my back and trembled even while
they lashed.

They sold me on an Eastern block; in silver coins my price was paid;
They girt me with a chain and lock; I laughed and they were so afraid.
I toiled around the olive trees until a night of hot desire
Blew me a breath of the outer seas and filled my veins with curious fire.

Then I arose and broke my chains and laughed to know that I was free,
And battered out my master's brains, and fled and gained the open sea.
Beneath a copper sun adrift, I shunned the proa and the dhow,
Until I saw a sail uplift, and saw and knew the dragon prow.

Oh, East of sands and sunlit gulf, your blood is thin; your gods are few;
You could not break the northern wolf, and now the wolf has turned on you.
The fires that light the coast of Spain, fling shadows on the Eastern 
Master, your slave has come again with torch and axe in his red hand!

Serpent prow on the Afric coast,
Doom on a Moorish town;
And this is the song the steersman sang
As the dragonship swept down.

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