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J. Michael Shew jshewkc at pei.edu
Thu Jul 31 07:03:48 PDT 1997

> >long as you follow a few basic rules:
> >	1.  If it takes one minute to set up, don't do it!  An intro
> >should never really be needed.  (Unless it is crediting an author!)
> >	2. If your story won't deliver a laugh, a sense of wonder, or a
> >scare every three minutes, (Two if you can,) don't do it.
	('Nother snip)
> >	Mikal
> Mikal,
>      I can hear your experience, and its certainly bigger than mine, but 
> I must query your second point. From hearing dad, I would have said that 
> if your story does not have your audience wanting more *all the time* 
> then don't do it. The story should start with conflict and untill its 
> resolved, its not finished. This seems to be constant, regardless of the 
> other content.
> Martin Hungerford

	You are, of course, very right.  The attempt to make these notes
on the net as brief and to the point as possible, I kinda neglected to
mention that the story should be interesting/funny/scary/etc. all the way
through.  What those moments in the story should be are peaks or high
	For example, I tell a funny story about a disreputable Norse lad,
(Myself) as if it were a tale of great heroics.  the way it is told and
the theme makes it quite easy to tell that it is humor, and the audience
is in on the joke and has several chuckles on the way.  
	However, in that ten min. story there are five distinct points in
which a very direct,(and hopefully very funny), point is reached, and I
almost always get a hearty laugh at each of those points.  
	In another, quite serious tale of the Norse gods, (With an approx.
running time of 7 min.) I also have four points, two of which are humor,
which serves as a release from the overall feeling of suspense and horror.  
	Does this make more sense?
    Mikal the Ram; an annoying Bard of no redeeming qualities
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