minstrel: Harp Competition at Pennsic

chip and Holly norseman at voicenet.com
Wed Jul 30 18:25:48 PDT 1997

Harpers of the Knowne World, greetings from Linette de Gallardon!

Silvershell Musical Instruments (also known as my dad, Albert du Croissy) is
sponsoring a harp competition at this year's Pennsic.  I've unfortunately
lost the information I had previously (oops), but I believe it will take
place on Wednesday, at 2:00pm.  It will be listed in the Pennsic book.

The purpose of the competition is to celebrate harps and harpers, so there
is no documentation requirement.  Period or period-style music is
encouraged, but not absolutely neccessary.  Entries will be judged on
musicianship and entertainment.  I believe that entrants will be split into
novice and more experienced (self-stated).  There will be prizes of various
kinds, but the greatest prize of all will be celebrating the instrument we
all love!

Linette de Gallardon

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