Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Wed Jul 30 07:34:08 PDT 1997

In this recent exchange concerning storytelling, I have head the germ of an

In October, 17-19, here in the wild wollie boonies of Southern Illinois
(tag-end of the Midrealm) we're holding a Fall harvest Festival.  I need
(needed) a theme for the Bardic activities, and now I have one.

Would anyone on this list, or anyone you can contact with this information,
like to have a storytelling event?  Oh, there will be songs, some drums and
dancing and such as well, but one biggish fire (we have the room at this
site to burn a sequoia's-worth of wood at once) devoted ONLY to
storytelling?  The other fires can do anything, including stories, but one
for just the tale-telling?  Anyone interested?  I can guarantee the event
steward will be interested....it's me.  I'm also cooking the feast -
roasted beef and sundry oddments, outdoors on bread trenchers. (No dishes
to wash, you eat them!)  We have a nice big iron spit for the side of beef.

I am also putting out a call for teachers.  We are having a small Pas
d'Armes tourney for the fighters, and as many A&S classes as I can manage
to get teachers for.  (Instructors feast for free....)  If you teach
anything, especially bardic arts, you can teach a class at this event, for
a receptive audience, I also guarantee.  The people here are hungry for
anything.  (We really _ARE_ in the boonies.)  Please contact me privately
for more info, or you can cruise the web flyer at


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