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Electric lights and television, while being a boon to mankind, have also been
a bain.  We get into our cars, go to work, and come home, isolated, and not
part of a larger community, or village.  When you hear a story, where
somebody describes a dragon, that dragon in your imagination is yours.  It is
your creation.  It was created from all you bring to it.   In the "good old
days" children would live and work around adults, learning by experience,
what it is like to be a member of a community.  As they sat around the fire,
they heard that "Jack shared his last crust of bread, with the hungry old
woman, and she told him where the giant killing sword was."  What did this
teach? Generosity? That old women could be wise or magical?  If young
gang-bangers grew up talking around and telling stories around fires,
learning from the wisdom and humor of stories, maybe we'd have less kids
killing each other in the street.  As you read my missive, you miss my tone,
my gestures, and I miss your's.  Nothing is a substitute for sitting around
that fire, with friends and strangers.   I have heard and run storytelling
events for the last 7 years, with wonderful stories from every type of
culture and person.  And if I could pass on all the joy and laughter I've
experienced, I would.  And when I go to war's, and show up to a fire, I try
to act a gentleman, and not a boorish bard.  Sometimes you have to sing a few
bawdy songs, and tell a few jokes before they will accept you.  Sometimes
they never will.  But here it is, the cathedral of storytelling...a campfire,
and an audience.  And sometimes in the quiet, with the crickets, and the fire
popping, magic happens.  Everytime it does, I have gone full circle, and
repaid those tired old storytellers of yore.  Many people join the sca to
share in the magic.  But sometimes, they just don't know how.  I have
wandered into camps full of drunk kids, and left them with a story...and the
next day they wander by and say "hey, there's the storyteller- Will M'lord
grace our fire tonight?"  It is a compliment to me, and the next
bard/jongleur/minstrel who follows me will be meeting a receptive audience.
   And yes Mikal, I teach storytelling.  And I try to not hurt anybodies
(True) Thomas White Hart

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