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Robin Hayes rhayes at powerup.com.au
Wed Jul 30 15:48:49 PDT 1997

At 08:31 30/07/97 +1000, Martin Hungerford wrote:
>>	2. If your story won't deliver a laugh, a sense of wonder, or a
>>scare every three minutes, (Two if you can,) don't do it.
>>	Mikal
>     I can hear your experience, and its certainly bigger than mine, but 
>I must query your second point. From hearing dad, I would have said that 
>if your story does not have your audience wanting more *all the time* 
>then don't do it. The story should start with conflict and untill its 
>resolved, its not finished. This seems to be constant, regardless of the 
>other content.
>Martin Hungerford, aka Martin Jongleur,
>aka Martin Ashford, 
>aka Martin o' Lyos (called the Juggler) OL.  

'Tis not the STORY that maketh the audience "want more all the time",
'tis the TELLER.

Any garbage can be made to keep people listening. Take TV/Radio Commercials...



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